The Water Jetting Association© (WJA) was formed over 35 years ago by a small group of like-minded contractors, manufacturers and hirers all committed to raising safety standards within the emerging high pressure water jetting industry. These initial aims of the Association are still the bedrock of the WJA more than three decades on.




The WJA has always been concerned with safety and training within the water jetting industry, including ultra-high pressure, high pressure, pressure washing and drain and sewer cleaning. As a consequence two WJA Codes of Practice – Blue and Red – were evolved through the WJA Technical Committee with the valued assistance of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Both WJA Codes of Practice are now recognised as industry standards in the UK and the widely respected Blue Code, in particular, is fast gaining worldwide acceptance and recognition. Both publications, as well as other items relating to safety, can be purchased from the WJA direct or via the online shop and as they are also ISBN designated should be available through any public lending library worldwide.

WJA Code of Practice BLUE: ISBN– 1 874278 02 4 – For the Use of High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment

WJA Code of Practice RED: ISBN– 978 1 874278 04 7 – For the Safe Working and Use of Water Jetting in Drains and Sewers


WJA Training Course - Azerbaijan


Through WJA Registered Training Providers and Approved Instructors the mandatory WJA Safety Awareness Course – which must be renewed every three years – has become the benchmark for safety training throughout the water jetting industry. Supplementary training modules for specialist applications are also undertaken as necessary.

The WJA has recently devised a stand-alone practical Pressure Washing Course which, as it has been built around the Safety Awareness Course, must also be renewed every three years.

All WJA training courses are City & Guilds accredited and currently the WJA annually certificates in excess of 10,000 trainees based both in the UK and overseas. UK based WJA Approved Instructors regularly train in Continental Europe, the Caribbean, Central Asia, Eire, the Middle East, Scandinavia as well as many offshore locations.